New Year New Blogpost

I am revitalizing my blog in 2016.

So what do I remember about creating my blog? The set-up to a blog is pretty simple. I chose wordpress because of its ease, simplicity, and professionalism. Once I had come to that conclusion I simply had to register, choose my design, and begin typing.

What was the hardest part? Choosing a name. I chose Brielliephant in the Classroom as a play on the phrase “Elephant in the room.” My name is Brielle; I love elephants, and I spend most of my day in the classroom! I thought it fit me perfectly.

Why am I here? This past year, I have piloted a program at my school called the Digital Learning Academy. This is a student-paced curriculum administered using only computers. This has made me become absorbed in the technology world which is really why I’m excited about becoming a member of the TOOL community. I want to learn  any and all techniques for incorporating technology into my math classroom. I love collaborating with teachers near and afar, and I think joining the community will be a valuable learning experience.


Welcome to the new post of 2016.

Signing off,

Brielliephant in the Classroom


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